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Swarm Chasers

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Some of the most terrifying and awe-inspiring events in the natural world surprisingly do not involve animals with jaws and claws. ‘Swarmchasers' explores a phenomenon that can turn even the most innocuous creatures into killers - the instinct to swarm. In this action-packed series, hosts Steve and Greg head into the eye of the greatest animal plagues on the planet to experience their devastating power and discover what it takes to transform organisms into ferocious and deadly mobs. First up, Steve and Greg leading scientists and tacticians in the military-style war on locusts, head to the blow-torch heat of the Australian outback, swarm-chasing a well-known pest that has terrorised humanity since the dawn of civilisation. Next, Rodent expert Dr Steven Belmain is on an expedition to the dangerous region of Bangladesh to try to unravel a bizarre mystery that has plagued locals for generations- a swarm of black rats.