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Wildlife SOS 10

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For animal rescuer Simon Cowell and his team at the Wildlife Aid Foundation an average day brings the challenge of rescuing and caring for all manner of native British wildlife. But as Simon finds out when he visits his counterparts at wildlife charities in other parts of the world, the situations and the species may be different but the problems facing the animal kingdom are just the same. Over the series we will see Simon and his fellow ‘rehabbers' saving the lives of kestrels, robins and badger cubs in England, helping to protect seals and dolphins on the west coast of Ireland, then venturing into war-ravaged Rwanda and the Congo to assess the survival prospects of the endangered mountain gorilla, looking after mistreated orang-utans in Thailand, learning how Namibian tribespeople are being encouraged to rediscover the ability to live in harmony with nature, and going undercover in a Vietnamese ‘bear bile farm' to see some of the very worst excesses of Man's inhumanity to animals.