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Wildwives of Savannah Lane

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It's all intrigue, seduction and drama on Savannah Lane, where the ladies are taking control. Meet Esther the female elephant, Laura the lioness, Victoria the female cheetah and Josiane the female baboon - the queens of the savannah. Based on real observations and scientific data from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, Wildwives of Savannah Lane portrays the animals as characters from a certain social group, and challenges the chauvinistic view of the African plains as male dominated. The first episode is an examination of which of these animals is best-equipped to confront the ruthless world on the African plain. Is it Lauren and her powerful clan of lionesses, or perhaps Josie the female baboon with her tremendous capacity for adaptation? The second looks at the art of seduction - which of these animals use their feminine wiles the best to get what she wants? Lastly, the third examines the art of motherhood in one of the most dangerous environments on earth for young animals.