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Seasons In Animal Life

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Adam Wajrak, a recognised environmentalist and nature journalist, watches animals in
their natural habitat and how the annual cycle of changing seasons affects their
existence.  They are reflected in the four main periods – awakening/procreation,
parenting, eating, starvation. Each of the four episodes tells a different story and each
features a different animal hero:
In Spring - amphibians and their passionate mating
In Summer - a family of storks returning to their nest
In Autumn – a brown bear and her children preparing for winter
In Winter – dead deer as a source of food for other animals to survive
Adam travels across Poland to show variety of animals and environments, he meets
interesting people, volunteers and scientist who help prevent the extinct species and
endangered nature still so well preserved in wild parts of Poland such as Bialowieza – the
last primeval forest in Europe or high Tatra mountains in the north.