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Your  heart is thumping, the adrenaline is rushing, the sweat beads drip from your brow and you’re not quite sure what just happened but it’s over, you’ve finally done it. You feel alive!

You know those moments when you’re about to do something and you suddenly stop? You’re debating whether you should or shouldn’t do it? Your head says no, your heart says yes but your stomach churns with uncertainty.
Then something snaps; you’re off. In a heartbeat you’ve let go of everything that’s ever held you back. You’ve been bold and you’ve been brave. You’ve ignored the voices in your head and followed your instincts.
We love those moments!

At the Discovery Channel we want to infect your world with the optimism and courage to make those life changing decisions.

We produce ground breaking, high quality programming based on extraordinary people and extraordinary stories that seed the thought of how your life might be that little bit larger.