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Bar Rescue 3

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Follows the exploits of Jon Taffer, a bar and nightclub owner who has started, flipped, or owned over 600 bars and clubs in his career. Bars mean money, but they also mean stress if they aren't properly run and Jon currently owns one of the most highly respected consulting firms in the bar and nightclub industry. In this series, Jon heads to New Orleans to give a recently opened bar a major overhaul when he notices no identity, lacklustre management and questionable food practices. Then it’s off to Texas to save a roach-infested bar and a particularly stubborn owner, before helping an owner and his frat brother friends, who recently purchased a hangout notorious for bartenders who drink on the job and for serving people with fake I.D.s. Can Jon make a difference to these ailing businesses, or will they stay in their bubble of decline till it bursts?