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Billy Bob's Gags to Riches

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‘Billy Bob's Gags To Riches', is a glimpse into the unique life of novelty king Jonah White, who has made his fortune selling millions of 'Billy Bob Teeth': the fake gag teeth that make you look like a hillbilly. Now, redneck inventors from all over the world come to pitch Jonah their ideas in the hopes of making millions. At home, Jonah has his hands full with his wife 'Honeybuns' and their four kids. They live on a thousand acre compound that Jonah has turned into a real life redneck amusement park, complete with massive zip lines and a collection of animals that would rival any big city zoo. Jonah even wrestles with his own black bear but it's his pet bobcat that has his wife the most worried. At work, Jonah is constantly under pressure to find the next great invention. The Redneck Think Tank, a motley collection of good 'ol boys may have more down home charm than big city smarts, but when it comes to making novelties, they are second to none.