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Dream Machines

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Every week in the ‘Dream Machine' workshop Mark Evans and his team of mechanics, petrol heads and car restorers transform a rusty wreck into a dazzling dream machine. Also each week, professional racing driver Amanda Stretton traces the history of each of the cars and reveals the stories behind each of our motoring legends. She sets out to meet the biggest fans of that week's Dream Machine. Mark will track down the most famous Ferrari 308 ever, the original Magnum car from the TV series. Also featured are a 007-style Aston Martin V8, an original Cobra that brought about the introduction of British speed limit when it hit 200mph on the M1, a look back at the 50 year history of the VW Beetle, the ‘Italian Job' minis recreated, a chat with 6 foot 7'' driver of the Big Foot monster truck and Amanda meets a World Sportscar Champion and his multi-million pound motors, a 1964 GT40 and the most expensive car ever, the 1994 McLaren F1.