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Future Cars

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Just what kind of cars will we be driving less than a generation from now? The cars of the next century will be made of different materials and will run on a variety of fuels including electricity, hydrogen and gas. These new automobiles will be roomier, safer and contain more information technology than most people have in their homes today. This 4 part series puts viewers in the driver's seat of cars that will redefine automobiles as we know them. 'Future Cars' provides a glimpse at the designs of the future and the incredible technologies that will make it all happen. The most illustrious designers around the globe will weigh in on how a car's shape will be affected by advancing technologies. Student designers will bring their youth to the table and design their own visions for what a car will look like in 2030. 'Future Cars' will reveal how endless the possibilities are when the most powerful computer in your life resides in your car.