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Killer Karaoke

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Brand new series, ‘Killer Karaoke', challenges contestants to sing a hit song while host Steve-O (Jackass) puts them through the most hilarious and unexpected physical challenges imaginable. It's the game show that hits all the wrong notes in the best possible way. Each week on the new twisted competition show Killer Karaoke, contestants attempt to sing a song while facing extreme and sometimes skin-crawling situations. These folks have to put their vocal chords to the test while braving their worst fears. Challenges include trying to sing while fending off attack dogs, while being dunked in a tank with hundreds of snakes, or while sticking bare hands, feet and sometimes even a head into containers containing wild animals. When all is "sung and done," the contestants face-off on an enormous record player. They must sing their hearts out as the turntable beneath their feet begins to spin faster, and the force hurtles them one by one off to the side. The audience then helps to decide who will take home the weekly cash prize of up to $10,000.