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Last Car Standing

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Clunkers, old buckets of bolts, and other wrecks on wheels are the unlikely stars of this new high-stakes, high-impact series that pits the proud owners of lousy cars against each other in escalating driving challenges. There’s the chance to restore their ride to its original glory, with each episode featuring five diverse and fun-loving drivers - each trapped in a love-hate relationship with an embarrassing clunker - who put it all on the line through four brutal rounds of competition until only one last car is standing.  One by one, each eliminated driver must watch as their beloved beast endures the ultimate humiliation of being impaled on the massive Spike of Shame. But the driver - and the car - that withstands the grind of competition at the end of each episode gets a $10,000 automotive upgrade, or the chance to return for the Grand Finale to compete for a $50,000 ‘better-than-new’ vehicle restoration and the title of The Ultimate Last Car Standing.