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World's Scariest 3

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As humans try to get ever closer to nature, the real perils of the wild come into sharp focus, as father and-son free-divers Mike and Austin Borden found out while on vacation in Mexico. They went spearfishing amongst sharks in the clear blue ocean, but seven sharks turned on them instead of the fish they had speared.  A wildlife cameraman gets just a little too close to his subject, a 500lb elephant seal. These creatures may move slowly on land but underwater they are extremely agile. Imagine being bitten by one of the world’s deadliest snakes in your own back garden. When it happened to Lian Blue from Tucson, Arizona, her British boyfriend Chris caught it all on camera by chance. Some of the most dangerous attacks occur when professional animal handlers get it wrong. One journalist was invited to visit a supposedly tame lion in Africa, but when the lion took a keen interest in him things definitely got out of hand.