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The First Emperor: The Man Who Made China

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He has been compared to Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar for commanding millions, credited with building the Great Wall and uniting China, but how much do we really know about China's first emperor, Chin Shi Huang Di? For the first time in ‘The First Emperor: The Man Who Made China' we gain unprecedented access into Emperor Chin's legendary underground burial complex and learn more about his legendary rise, reign and fall, using cutting-edge science to unlock the secrets of his tomb. Though revered in the East, most westerners have had little knowledge of the great warrior, until now. Two millennia after his death, state-of-the-art technology and CGI will illustrate the shape, layout and design of the largest unopened tomb in the world. Revealing over 8,000 figures inside, including the famed terracotta army of soldiers; how the Emperor designed it to celebrate his political and military power and to achieve continued glory in the afterlife are also explored.