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Mark Williams On The Rails

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This exciting and stimulating series allows actor Mark Williams, star of the ‘Fast Show', ‘Harry Potter' films and Discovery Science's ‘Industrial Revelations' series, to indulge in his strong passion for trains. Mark relishes the opportunity to get close to some of the big locomotives featured in the ten train-filled episodes. Throughout ‘Mark Williams on the Rails', he gets to grips with the engineering of the rail network and gets his hands on exhilarating trains such as the magnificent 160-ton Duchess of Sutherland. His enthusiasm is contagious, making you feel like part of the action, travelling around the world to see these railway legends. His first pit-stop is Cornwall, England, to track the development of the first locomotive by mine engineer Richard Trevithick in 1804. Mark investigates the evolution of the Great Western Railway, brainchild of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, at its time, the most advanced and respected railway network in the world!