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Deadly Women: Face To Face

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In new series ‘Deadly Women: Face to Face', Former FBI profiler, Candice DeLong sits face to face with some of the most notorious and dangerous female murderers in history. Following the successful Deadly Women series in which Candice helped us explore the minds and motives of what drives women to kill. This new, gripping series takes viewers on a journey to the darkest points of the human soul and gives a rare and chilling opportunity, to look deep into the eyes of these convicted women. Filmed exclusively from behind the walls of some of the toughest prisons, Candice interviews four women each imprisoned for different reasons yet united in the same common theme of murder. DeLong speaks to Jennifer Reali who murdered her lover; Susan Grund who shot her husband dead; nurse Jennifer Hyatte who fell in love with a dangerous criminal and Australian murderer Belinda Van Krevel, who has spent her entire life surrounded by crime.