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Body Invaders

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From fence posts and fishing tackle to surf boards and shears, brand new series ‘Body Invaders’ reveals the gruesome and incredible stories of people from round the world who have accidentally ended up with foreign objects inside their bodies. Celebrating the survival of the patients and the technical skill, ingenuity and sheer daring of the doctors who removed the objects, this fascinating series uses testimony, reconstruction and cutting edge animation to find out how these dangerous and bizarre objects became embedded, ingested or otherwise inserted into the body. Each exciting episode also examines how the ‘invaders’ affected the organs around them, influenced behaviour and why they were often inches away from being fatal. Find out how one women became impaled on an iron spike, how an elderly man survived a freak accident that caused a pair of garden shears to become lodged in his eye, and what happened to the man who was filled with enough air to fill 1000 balloons in this unique exploration of the most inexplicable, unexpected and simply astounding cases in modern medicine.