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Building The Future

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Humans have always changed and shaped their environment. 
Building the Future looks at our phenomenal ingenuity in engineering, and explores the mind-boggling feats of construction that shape our world.  All over the world we’re currently defying the four basic elements – fire, water, air and earth - to build immense, useful, ambitious and environmentally friendly projects that will shape the future of our planet.

Each episode focuses on one simple human need – be it shelter, water, energy or safety – and how these requirements have led to the need to move mountains, divert rivers, create land in the sea, bring life to deserts, harness the earth’s riches and even build giant cities that are visible from space.

We discover how engineering techniques are used to battle forces of nature for survival – building higher skyscrapers, longer bridges, and deeper tunnels than was once thought possible.  We also explore how floating homes, green construction, and earthquake proof structures are increasingly necessary to our lives.

Building the Future presents the men and women who work on these engineering projects, seeking out how they work to prevent and combat the devastating effects earthquakes, floods, storms, and other natural disasters across the globe.  We talk to the people who safeguard our future on this rapidly changing planet, and who find new ways to build and create extraordinary structures where we will live and work. 

This series provides visually explicit footage and revolutionary filming techniques.  Using CGI, stunning cinematography, and superb real-life stories, each episode turns science into engaging programming.