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Close Encounters

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Jazz singer Pamela Stonebrooke, from Houston, Texas, claims to have been experiencing mind-blowing alien intercourse with a six-foot blond reptile since 1998. New York graphic artist David Huggins believes he has been involved in an extra-terrestrial genetics project which has resulted in him fathering more than 200 babies. Meanwhile, Riley Martin, the son of a lowly sharecropper from the Deep South, has been on a spaceship just up the galaxy from Saturn for decades and now spends his days drawing unique alien symbols, which have been downloaded into his brain, to pass out as tickets off planet Earth when the apocalypse finally comes. Since as far back as the 1950s, there have been strange reports of naughty aliens visiting unsuspecting sleepers at night to have their wicked extraterrestrial way with them. Thousands of people claim to have been visited by aliens and taken into a strange craft where they have undergone bizarre sexual examinations. Still others have "experienced" aliens in the comfort of their own bed. This show introduces viewers to some of the most colourful of these "victims" and tries to get to the bottom of what's really going on. As incredible as these stories are, viewers hear from the sceptics and are introduced to theories of sleep paralysis, self-hypnosis and false memory syndrome.