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Without an understanding of elements, the world around us would look totally different. Everything we have built, forged or crafted is based on our knowledge of metals and non-metals. In fascinating series ‘Elements', Professor of Theoretical Physics Jim Al-Khalili goes on a journey to find out how the mysterious, sensuous world of the elements was discovered and mapped, revelling in their glorious textures and astonishing behaviour and unravelling the stories of the chemical pioneers who plumbed their secrets and moved us into the modern age. From Boyle's ingenious experiment to show that air is tangible, not ethereal; to Lavoisier's astonishing exploration of why things burn; Jim brings a genuine freshness and a passionate curiosity to a story that is full of great dramatic moments and visual treats. From the primeval density of carbon to the untarnished lustre of gold and the dazzle of potassium, investigate the incredible properties of different groups of elements and discover where they - and we - fit into the astonishing intellectual creation that is the periodic table.