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Flying Anvils

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Welcome to the 2011 U.S. Anvil Shooting Championship! For more than 200 years anvil shooting has been an American custom, but now this centuries-old tradition is being transformed into a competitive sport. Join Mythbusters Tory Belleci, as he explores the history of this bizarre practice and takes a behind-the-scenes look at this one-of-a-kind, extreme engineering event in ‘Flying Anvils'. Meeting the teams from across America who have flocked to take part in this pyrotechnic challenge, Tory follows the contenders as they compete to see how high they can fire a 100-pound anvil into the air using only one pound of gunpowder and a fuse. Each team's anvil launch is scored based on height and accuracy. In the final round, the two highest scoring teams battle it out for the title of 2011 US Anvil Shooting Champion. Celebrating everyday engineers and backyard geniuses, this unusual programme offers access into a unique American subculture that combines unconventional science, with an eclectic cast of characters and mind-blowing explosions.