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How Techies Changed The World With William Shatner

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Approximately forty years after it first broadcast onto our television screens, American actor William Shatner reveals the secrets of the famous series ‘Star Trek'. In an affectionate tribute, Shatner explains how ‘Star Trek' managed to turn itself from a humble, low-budget sci-fi series with low quality sets and shaky plot lines into a successful television franchise. The most memorable moments from ‘Star Trek' are among some of the best moments in all of modern popular culture. Now this programme will celebrate their much-loved status. One of the best-loved characters was Captain Kirk and he (aka Shatner) is on deck throughout this special programme, doing what he does best - leading from the front. Shatner sets out to solve the mystery of how a show, which was once cancelled because only children were watching it, ended up becoming a cultural, social and scientific icon. Shatner uses a combination of clips from the show, never-before-seen outtakes and interviews with past and present cast and crew to trace the evolution of the series.