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Junk Men

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Welcome to Jimmy's Junk, the premier junkyard for unique high-end inventors, builders, pickers, and mechanical experts who are on the lookout for specialised and bizarre parts needed to complete their passion projects or to begin a new one. On hand to help with the construction of new and inspired devices are Jimmy Ruocco "The Junk Genius" and his talented team of larger than life characters, Bart, Billy and Hale. Whether it's an item for one of their own creations or a batch of high impact exhaust pipes an inventor might need to finish building a rocket propelled go kart, the team will stop at nothing to get their hands on valuable parts that can be used to complete a build. Experts in the world of scrap, the ‘Junk Men' know the guts, bolts and science inside even the most unique machines. They also know a good deal when they see one, and will stop at nothing to make money by striping an old refrigerator for sellable parts, or by picking through rubbish bins or other salvage lots for hidden gems. With highlights including a hovercraft, a coffin car, a lawn mower racer and a flame cannon- all made from the finest discarded spare parts; ‘Junk Men' is a truly unique journey into the world of junk!