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The Man With The 200lb Tumor

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One of the world's most shocking medical cases lies hidden in a remote region of Vietnam. At first glance, Hai Nguyen looks like any other 31-year-old Vietnamese man, but he has been bed-ridden for the past six years, weighed down by a stunning medical abnormality: what could quite possibly be the largest tumour in the world. Hai suffers from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that facilitates tumor growth on nerves in the body. He has been weighed down by a tumor that has been growing his entire life, rendering him bedridden for the past six years. This one-off special follows Hai on his journey to meet renowned plastic surgeon Dr McKay McKinnon as he attempts to save Hai's life. This unforgettable story chronicles how a worldwide effort overcomes a stunning series of setbacks and reversals to save the life of this extraordinary man.