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Master Blasters

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Take a high-octane ride into the wild blue yonder as brand new series ‘Master Blasters’ pits teams against each other in a race to design, build, and launch all manner of bizarre rocket machines into orbit. Each episode, the ‘Master Blasters’ home team, led by father and son team Dan and Terry Stroud, take on challengers from all over America who have travelled to their home base in Dallas, Texas looking to flex their rocketry skills. From rocket-bolstered arm chairs to fuel injected Mini Coopers, follow the teams as they race to come up with the best, most inventive solutions to their rocket-propelled problems in the shortest amount of time. Pushing the limits of innovation and creativity even further, each mission is kept a secret until the starting bell. Can the teams get their rockets to soar to great heights or will their failed designs bring them crashing back to earth?