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Meteorite Men 2

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For thousands of years meteorites have slammed into the earth's surface, carrying an invaluable record of the very beginnings of the solar system. But finding meteorites, some buried throughout centuries by thick layers of dirt and sediment, is no easy task. In the exciting first and second series of ‘Meteorite Men', join extra-terrestrial treasure hunters Geoff Notkin and Steve Arnold, as they set out to uncover these alien treasures and lost pieces of our universe. From exploring the legend of the mysterious Tucson Ring, a giant iron meteorite found in Arizona in the 1800s; to seeking out the remote Monturaqui Crater in the Atacama Desert; to searching for ancient space rocks that were transported by glaciers during the last Ice Age, Notkin and Arnold embark on an all-encompassing hunt for outer space objects that are often more than 40 million years old.