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The future holds the promise of an array of technology that will make life easier, more fun, better, safer and cooler. With NEXT WORLD, Discovery Channel takes the lead in bringing people even deeper into the 21st century and beyond.

NEXT WORLD introduces the visionaries, the science, the builders and the innovations that seem impossible now, but will be a reality in our lifetimes: cities under the oceans, bionic suits, space tourism, super speed trains, hoverbikes, and experimental drugs that may extend lifespan to 150 years. Each episode reveals the radical ideas of today that will become the technology of the future.

Go inside the networked intelligence of tomorrow's urban transportations systems from personal rapid transit, to stackable cars and underground automated highways. (PG)

Travel into the skies of tomorrow to reveal the latest in secret military aircraft, shape-shifting planes, craft with self-healing wings to a future in which just about every one of us has a personal airplane.

If you think you've already seen every way a boat can move across the water, think again. Explore invisible aircraft carriers, mega-yachts, personal submarines, and craft capable of changing appearance on the high seas.