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Road to Punkin Chunkin 2011

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Join teams across America as they struggle to get their monstrous air cannons and medieval weapons of war built and tested in time for the Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships, in entertaining documentary ‘Road to Punkin' Chunkin''. Each November, thousands of fans turn out to enjoy the annual pumpkin-tossing competition in Bridgeville, Delaware. But for the backyard engineers taking part, the contest marks the culmination of months of development and hard work to perfect their pumpkin projectiles. Follow their progress as they prepare to take on their rivals at the latest event. Is last year's overall champion-the first woman ever to win-ready to defend her crown? Breathing down her neck is a field of mechanical wizards including former champs, perennial underdogs, and trash-talking fan favourites-each with a new bag of tricks they claim will guarantee victory this year. But who has the skill and determination to turn their blueprints and dreams into glory on the firing line?