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Sci-Fi Saved My Life

‘Sci-Fi Saved My Life' tells the remarkable story of the science behind some of the biggest science fiction cult movies and television series. Take a look at the technologies that inspired Hollywood script writers to invent science fiction. Have you ever wondered whether matter teleportation is possible? Or what about Star Gate? Is it possible? ‘Sci-Fi Saved My Life' takes viewers behind the scenes of popular science fiction movies, including ‘The Matrix', ‘Men in Black', ‘Terminator' and ‘Stargate', to delve into the minds of those who dreamt up the fictitious fantasies on screen and those who have been inspired to generate the real thing today. The series examines how these Sci Fi legends might change life on earth and beyond, as we now know it if they can in turn their dreams into reality. From the science of special effects, gadgets, cars to revolutionary weapons all will be revealed.