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Stephen Hawking's Universe

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'Stephen Hawking's Universe' will stretch the imagination to the limits of the known universe. The World's most famous living scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking explores the splendour and majesty of the stars and planets, galaxies and supernovae that shape and populate the cosmos. How did our universe begin? Could alien life be found in distant planets? Does our galaxy have a life expectancy? And is time travel possible? More than 20 years after writing the groundbreaking A Brief History of Time, Hawking offers a fresh perspective on these mysteries, charting the history of the universe, from the awe-inspiring energy of the big bang to the end of time itself. Cutting edge effects, digitally enhanced NASA footage and live action are combined to bring Hawking's extraordinary vision of the universe to the screen for the first time in this visually stunning and captivating three-part series.