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Superhuman Showdown

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Follow the global quest to track down and investigate incredible people with abilities that extend far beyond that of ordinary humans in brand new series, ‘Superhuman Showdown'. Assembling remarkable individuals from all over the globe at their cutting edge laboratory, internationally acclaimed scientists Dr Heather Berlin, Dr Rahul Jandial and Professor Greg Whyte examine the physical and mental makeup of each character to determine the source of their superhuman skills. Categorising their feats based on unifying traits such as speed, strength, endurance, brain power or skill, each episode sees five contestants push themselves to the limit in a series of rigorous scientific tests. The scientists will then select the two most impressive individuals to go head to head in the gruelling final showdown. From gravity defying base jumpers, mesmerising mathematicians and champion contortionists; to human speed bumps and incredible ice divers, who will be declared the ultimate superhuman?