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Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention

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British animated characters, Wallace and Gromit turn their hands, and paws, to TV presenting as they showcase mind-boggling machines and inventions from around the world. In this fascinating six-part science series, the comedy duo, explore the wonders of the natural world and look at inventions inspired by Mother Nature. They take a look at some incredible flying penguins and other elegant manta-ray-inspired robots at Festo in Germany, and visit Malawi, where scientists are studying the intricate structures of termite mounds to create self-cooling houses of the future. They discover the mysteries behind man's fascination with flight, from 'homemade' space rockets in Manchester to jetpacks in the UK. Delving into ingenious inventions for the home - from 1940s household robots and strange humanoid butlers to cutting-edge labour-saving devices - the pair explore the social history of domestic life through inventions. They team up to experience the world through the five senses, looking at the fact and fiction behind invisibility cloaks, bomb-detecting bees and the top sensory inventions. And having always taken safety into their own hands, they consider other inventors with the same philosophy; and finally they reveal some of the world's most incredible transportation inventions.