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World's Strangest UFO Stories

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We've all heard the stories of unidentified flying objects, mysterious little green men and alien invasions. They've been the subject of endless blockbuster films, science fiction thrillers and television series. But is there any fact behind the science fiction frenzy? Throughout the world there are thousands of reports of real people having witnessed something from another world - or even having been transported to another world- the stories are astonishing. From unexplained crashes obliterating the landscape to reports of secret alien human-breeding programs and terrifying unearthly creatures draining the blood of innocent animals, the stories are truly out of this world. But now the Discovery Channel scours the evidence, tracking down witnesses and victims who claim to have gotten up close and personal with aliens. And in an effort to get to the real story, ‘World's Strangest UFO's Stores' also features interviews with experts, sceptics and extraterrestrial fanatics who have dedicated their lives to uncovering the truth about the biggest, best and most extraordinary alien tales of all time.