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24 Hours In A&E 3

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Returning with more compelling drama, the exciting third series of, ‘24 Hours In A&E’, gives viewers unprecedented access to one of Britain's busiest Accident and Emergency departments, at London’s, King's College Hospital. Gain a greater insight into the vital work of the team as ninety one high definition cameras explore more of the department that ever before. Focusing on patients who are treated within the same 24-hour period, each episode captures the joy and heartache faced by patients and their families, as well as revealing the hard work and professionalism of the A&E staff. This series includes a builder who arrives in A&E screaming in agony after dislocating his shoulder, a fitness fanatic who arrives injured after a canal barge accident and scaffolder who has been struck on the back of the head by a six-metre pole at a building site. From life-threatening traumas to embarrassing accidents, this fascinating series is an intimate, powerful and sometimes entertaining insight into life on the frontline of Britain’s NHS.