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40 Year Old Virgins

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For some unfortunate souls, love doesn’t come easy. Clive is 45, an IT engineer, and still a virgin- though not through choice. He is intimidated by the thought of physical intimacy and finds it hard to chat to women, let alone sleep with them. Rosie is 29 and dreams of marriage and children of her own one day. But she can't bear to be touched by, or touch, men. Rosie thinks guys smell a bit weird, 'a cross between aftershave and ham.'  Clive and Rosie will attend a radical two-week course of sex therapy in the US.  Clive works with Cheryl, 68, the doyenne of sex surrogates, whose life story is told in the Oscar-nominated film ‘The Sessions’. She estimates she's slept with about 850 men, not including her husbands. Rosie's surrogate partner is 55-year old Gary, an ex-professional tennis player turned counsellor, who faces a mighty challenge as Rosie tells him that she doesn't fancy him. Can these highly skilled sex surrogates help Clive and Rosie in their quest to go all the way?