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Ace Of Cakes

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Meet host and creative baker Duff Goldman, in exciting new series ‘Ace of Cakes'. Duff is not your typical baker, renowned for hiring eccentric rock musicians as his baking colleagues, together they form the team that make Charm City Cakes one unique bakery. Every week, Duff and his team of artists will try to meet the demands of their clients by creating up to 20 cakes, some of which can take up to an incredible 29 hours to build! Go behind the scenes to see how he and his fellow cake bakers dish up the sugar and spice, in the most unexpected and entertaining of ways. Highlights of the series include the team create a gravity-defying pastry for Cirque du Soleil; a special appearance from the Jon & Kate sextuplets and Duff hits New York for a special hour of witchcraft, as he makes a uniquely designed cake, in celebration of the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.