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Beauty & The Geek Australia 3

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There is no doubt our Beauties are gorgeous. They are vivacious, fun-loving women who love being the centre of attention. Their hair, make-up and outfits have been thought out carefully. They are preened and ready to take centre stage. But ask for their opinions on politics or to solve a mathematical equation and they will more than likely be stumped. Then there are our Geeks. Undoubtedly, they are academically gifted. They love sci-fi, comics and computers. They are socially awkward, conversationally challenged and many are still waiting for their first date. Throw our Beauties and Geeks into a house together, team them up to compete in a series of challenges and watch as they evolve throughout the process. There will be plenty of fun, laughter and teamwork along with miscommunication and frustration as our teams bond and struggle to overcome their differences in pursuit of a $100,000 prize.