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Blood Relatives

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Every family has secrets, skeletons in the closet. But what happens when hidden desires, building resentments and black thoughts bubble to the surface and poison familial bonds? Exciting new true-crime series, ‘Blood Relatives' investigates homespun murder mysteries where everyone is a suspect and every suspect shares a last name. In six different American towns, close-knit families are ripped apart by everything from bad business deals to forbidden passions. Delve into the dark secrets, silent resentments, and illicit betrayals of these seemingly perfect households, and uncover how love can descend into jealousy, greed, and homicidal rage. Cinematic recreations and chilling first-hand accounts pay blood-soaked testament to the fact that when it comes to murder, sometimes there's no place like home. From the picture-perfect family, whose secret history of lust and betrayal explodes in the horror of a brutal late-night massacre; to the once-happy family whose web of greed and corruption ends in a twisted and grisly desire for revenge; find out what happens when kin become killers.