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Body of Proof 2

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Starring Dana Delany as Megan, ‘Body Of Proof' tells the story of a once brilliant neurosurgeon whose career came to an abrupt halt when she was involved in an horrific car accident. Now, as a Medical Examiner, Megan applies her vast medical knowledge, keen instincts and variously charming and scalpel-like personality to the task of solving the medical mysteries of the dead and bringing the people responsible for their deaths to justice. After a brilliant first series, it is back for more forensic investigations and once again, Megan will not take no for an answer. The second series starts when a car careers out of control, crashes onto an embankment and kills the driver. Despite the general consensus, Megan believes that the deceased driver was in fact unconscious at the time of impact. Did somebody really strap the victim into the vehicle and send him over the edge?