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Breaking Amish 3

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‘Breaking Amish’ is returning with all-new faces, all-new struggles and an all-new setting. In the show's third season, a group of Amish men and women will be living in Brooklyn, NY, as they weigh whether to leave their Amish lifestyles and settle down -for good -among the English. Miriam is a 26-year-old from Ohio who's currently being shunned for continued disobedience to her Amish community. Vonda, a 29-year-old from Indiana, is committed to her faith through baptism and risks losing it all if she chooses to leave. Barbie, a 22-year-old from Kentucky, wants to experience English life- even though she's getting pressure from her parents to settle down. Bates, a 21-year-old free spirit, doesn't fit into his family’s Amish lifestyle and dreams of becoming an actor. Matthias, who's also 21, was adopted by an Amish family but has never officially joined the church. They stand to lose their families, friends and the culture to gain a new perspective and more opportunity.