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Cake Boss 5b

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Join Buddy Valastro and the team at Carlo's Bakery as they take on more cake challenges in brand new episodes of ‘Cake Boss'. With an increasing number of orders pouring in every week, Buddy and his family try their best to adapt to the growing demands of their rapidly expanding business. From crafting a life size replica of the American actress and comedian Betty White in just 24 hours, and designing a cake to send to troops in Afghanistan, to building a 1000kg spinning carousel cake, the bakers continue to amaze their clients with their confectionary creations. Of course, running a family business isn't always such a sweet task, and supervising a team that includes his mother, four sisters and three brothers-in-law, as well as a staff of practical jokers can sometimes cause a lot of drama. However, despite the disagreements and endless pranks, the team always rally round to help when the need arises. Follow Buddy, his family and employees as they manage the highs and lows of life in this busy bakery.