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The Charlotte Crosby Experience

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Like you've never seen her before, Charlotte Crosby, winner of Celebrity Big Brother comes to TLC this April with her brand new and exclusive series: The Charlotte Crosby Experience. Join the reality star as she swaps the nightclubs of Newcastle to live with four of the world's most extraordinary communities.

From Geishas to Inuits, Charlotte travels to Japan, India, Canada and even the Arctic Circle to experience and embrace unfamiliar cultures, costume and ways of living - but can the girl who said she "can get along with every one, anywhere, anytime" live up to these tradition society's strict rules and customs?

This mischievous, but lovable Geordie Lass - who once asked her parents if you need Euros to visit London - is in for a big culture shock, but what TLC wants to know is the world ready for The Charlotte Crosby Experience?