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Confessions of an Animal Hoarder

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This brand new series takes a frank look at the human condition, ‘animal hoarding' - a compulsive need to possess and control animals. There is no official psychological diagnosis or treatment for the disorder and, in most cases, the problem is not addressed until it becomes a crime. But now ‘Confessions of an Animal Hoarder; will reveal how animal hoarding puts immense strain on families, finances, the 250,000 animals affected annually and the health of everyone involved. Each episode delves into the hearts and minds of individuals afflicted, and the family members and friends who want to help prevent their loved ones spinning further out of control. Cameras will go inside homes, discovering what it's like to live in what are often toxic conditions, as viewers witness the impossible challenges of trying to care for so many pets at once. Mediation will take place between psychologists, animal welfare experts, veterinarians, friends and families, offering a safe environment to explore the compulsive care-giving, whilst digging deep into this unusual desire.