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New TLC docu-series, ‘Confronting', takes viewers inside the fascinating prison mediation process as a victim and offender come together, face to face, for the most important conversation of their lives. Each episode follows the emotional story of a crime and its aftermath, documenting the powerful, painful and transformative journeys of the victim and offender as they try to come to terms with the terrible incident that links them. The mediation process culminates in a poignant and honest face to face meeting in prison. During the emotional confrontation, the offender learns of the pain and suffering caused by their misdeeds and is offered the opportunity to apologise and ask for redemption. Meanwhile, the victim has a chance to express their feelings and must ultimately decide whether or not forgiveness is a possibility. The series opens with the story of Lisa who is preparing to meet the drunk driver who killer her son on prom night, destroying her life in the process. Will meeting her son's killer help her to manage her pain?