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Couples Who Kill 3

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Serial killers are not a new phenomenon, but what happens in the mind of the average person when they fall under the spell of a sadistic predator? Forensic psychologists and criminal profilers uncover horrifying clues and reveal the true stories of people driven by love to commit murder. Couples Who Kill investigates some of the most terrifying crimes to explore the roots of these deadly duos. Cases include, that of a distraught young woman who walks into a Sheriff's Office claiming to hold the key to solving the disappearance of a local woman ten years earlier. She tells the story of a twisted couple who use their quaint farmhouse to lure in unsuspecting guests before torturing and killing them. Can investigators prove their witness is telling the truth before the couple's current boarder becomes their next victim? And in California the brutalized body of a missing teenager is found. Investigators uncover the evil relationship of a businessman and his young lover, which involves a twisted tapestry of drugs, sadism and sexual perversion.