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Dangerously Devoted

‘Dangerously Devoted’ is a gripping and intimate look at the lives of some of America's most extreme animal owners as they face a point of personal crisis. Meet Ken who is embarking on a journey to be reunited with a son he has not seen for 15 years. Estranged from his family Ken lives with five dogs, a possum, a rooster, an iguana and an alligator. According to Ken, his pets have always given him unconditional love, something his family has never given him. As Ken prepares to be reunited with his family, tragedy strikes! Also meet Robby, whose passion for breeding snakes is putting his relationship with his wife Jess in crisis and Kimi, a Hollywood screen writer who is facing eviction and has to find a new home for both herself and her 200 dogs. In ‘Dangerously Devoted’ viewers witness scenes of conflict, sorrow and humour, joining Kimi, Ken, Robby and Jess on their emotional journeys as they grapple with the consequences of their animal devotions.