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Daughters Vs Mothers

In this fabulous make-over series, daughters and mothers who are unhappy with each other's style, are treated to a money-can't-buy makeover, leaving them with a new style, a whole new wardrobe and hopefully a more harmonious relationship! Stylist to the stars Alexander Rogov works with host Alla Dovlatova to create stunning new looks for mothers and daughters, hand picking outfits for them , and ensuring that the makeover is the true beginning of their new life. While the warring daughters and mothers are restyled, Alexander and his team share beauty and fashion tips and tricks, from make-up tutorials to perfecting the looks and using accessories - shoes, bags, belts jewellery - right. At the end of the makeover process, our restyled duo take to the catwalk to model their new look in front of their friends and family! How will everyone react to their new looks from Alexander Rogov and his team? And will the mum and her daughter now be happy with each other's style?