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Diagnosis Unknown

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When an outbreak strikes, every second counts. In addition to treating the patients, doctors and public health officials must become detectives and locate the culprit before it takes another victim. Through interviews and first-person accounts, 'Diagnosis Unknown' reveals how science fights back against deadly germs and sudden outbreaks. Each episode recounts the drama of real public health crises, spotlighting the disease trackers who race against the clock to protect the public. Medical mysteries unfold, such as the story of a doctor who treated six cases of pneumonia in a single night at a hospital in Virginia, USA, resulting in a deadly form of pneumonia that spreads and escalates rapidly. Another episode tells the shocking story of a woman from the rural village of Nahiku on the island of Maui, Hawaii, who enters a health clinic with diarrhoea and flu-like symptoms, which is later discovered to be Dengue fever, a disabling and potentially deadly disease spread by mosquitoes.