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Disappeared 3

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Compelling series ‘Disappeared’ returns with a third series delving into mysterious missing person stories, tracing the time before the individuals vanished for clues about the disappearances. Often hidden beneath seemingly everyday behaviour and actions are hints of what may have driven someone to voluntarily vanish or evidence that foul play may explain the mystery. The show also looks at the investigations connected to the stories. Some unfold quickly, others go cold for months, even years, and some remain open to this day. Stories in this new series include that of; Patti Adkins who after leaving her shift at the Honda factory, mysteriously vanished. When investigators unravelled details of a shadowy relationship and a secret trip that was supposed to happen the night she disappeared, a troubled picture unfolded; Toni Lee Sharpless suffered from demons in her past, but pulled her life together with a rewarding job and an adorable daughter. But a night on the town threatened her stability, pushing Toni over the edge and leading to her dramatic disappearance; when 16-year-old Molly Bish arrived at her lifeguard job one morning vanishing minutes later, her mysterious disappearance had police thinking she’d drowned. But her mother's intuition led to an investigation of a suspicious man in a white vehicle. What really happened?