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Embarrassing Bodies 4

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The ‘Embarrassing Bodies' team are back to help patients with difficult and distressing conditions. In the brand new forth series, the doctors take their mantra, 'There's no shame, we're all the same', to holiday resorts in Spain, as well as numerous destinations around the UK. In the first episode, the doctors travel to Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol to help holiday makers with embarrassing body problems. Dr Dawn is in the mobile clinic on the beach, while, Dr Christian and Dr Pixie hit the bars and clubs to try out a new rapid test for chlamydia. Back in Britain, the team treat a variety of challenging complaints including a man suffering with the biggest tumours ever seen on Embarrassing Bodies, a man whose tight foreskin is making sex difficult and a woman who seems to have a baby bump, although she is not pregnant. Join the doctors as they attempt to raise health awareness and de-stigmatise 'embarrassing' body parts and medical conditions.