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Embarrassing Bodies Down Under

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From inverted nipples and ‘bingo wings’, to testicular cysts and anal warts, these are just some of the issues faced by the everyday Australians. Following the same core principal “there’s no shame, we’re all the same”, this Australian version of the hit series features  the charismatic Dr Christian Jessen from the UK version, alongside three straight-talking Aussie GPs – Dr Ginni Mansberg, Dr Sam Hay and Dr Brad McKay. Highly embarrassed patients, young and old, who suffer from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions, are all desperate for some much needed medical attention. In episode one, viewers will meet a man suffering from pilonidal sinus or “two bum holes”, a young woman with an abnormally high-pitched voice, an older woman with excessive skin flaking and a man whose quest to be hair free has left him with multiple sebaceous cysts on his scrotum.